I love helping tired, overwhelmed moms get their spark back!



Does any of this sound familiar? 


  • You feel drained and drag through your days.

  • You are always stressed, snap at your kids, and worry that you are ruining their lives.  

  • You compare yourself to other moms who seem to have things so much easier. (Spoiler alert: they don't)

  • You have a hard time remembering who you used to be and what you like to do. 

  • On the outside, you "look" like you have it all together. You have the perfect family photos, but inside you feel like you are drowning.  



It's time to fill your own cup.

Coaching with Michelle can help you:

  • Put yourself first, without guilt

  • Boost your CONFIDENCE so you can make your own goals a reality

  • Kick guilt to the curb so you can have fun again, and feel connection and JOY

  • Stay CALM in the chaos, even when the wheels are falling off all around you

Individual Coaching

Breakthrough session


What You'll Get:


A 60-minute deep-dive session to blast through your stress and burnout!


Between-session support via the Voxer app (voice messaging) every weekday for 1 week to help you reach your goal! 


Some possible topics: 


  • The obstacles in your way
  • Your ideal schedule
  • Taming chaos at home
  • Boundaries with the energy-vampires in your life
  • Issues with your support system
  • How to be more present as a mom
  • Leveling-up in your career without guilt
  • Self-sabatoge and your inner critic


We will focus on one aspect of your personal or professional life and dig right into the solutions!



Get your spark back

in 30 days!


What You'll Get:


A 60-minute strategy session to uncover your unique stressors, obstacles and energy drains.


 3 45-minute individual  coaching sessions to help you: 

  • Build self-care into your busy day with powerful micro-strategies
  • Protect your precious time and energy
  • Reconnect with your passion and purpose
  • Start living with JOY


Between-session support via the Voxer app (voice messaging) every weekday for 30-days. 


A 30-minute check-in session 1-month later to check in on your progress and any obstacles that may come up. 


A printable workbook to help you dig deeper. 


Weekly guided meditations. 


7-Day money-back Guarantee!

My proven, 4-step system to help you get your spark back in 30 days, guaranteed. 

  • Step 1: Refresh

    You'll be a master at self-care with powerful micro-strategies that fit into your busy day. 

  • Step 2: Reduce

    You'll protect your previous time and energy by reducing the things that drain you to make room for the things that recharge you!

  • Step 3: Re-energize

    Reconnect with your passion, your purpose and your SPARK!

  • Step 4: Rediscover joy!!

    Live with light and ease, find your joy and dance in the rain!


As a therapist in private practice with almost 2 decades of experience in mental health, I too have felt overwhelmed. I've been filled with guilt when I had to choose between my daughter's softball game and the big conference I wanted to attend.


I even got so burned out at one point that it led to depression and serious health problems.


I am a  mental health therapist and coach, I run two businesses, I'm a cancer survivor and I LOVE being a mom!


Nowadays, I am calm and centered (most of the time- I AM human after all), feeling better than ever before and loving life


What it finally took for me was gaining tools that I could use DURING my busy life, not in spite of it. I didn't have hours to spend at yoga, or reading books, or sitting on my meditation cushion. I had to build self-care into my busy life.


I'd love to help you do the same. 







What should you expect when we work together? 



I'll help you burnout-proof your life with my proven, 4-step system. 1) Refresh with rockstar self-care that fits into your busy day, without waiting for the next spa day or vacation. 2) Reduce the drains on your precious time and energy. 3) Reconnect with your passion, your purpose and your why and 4) Rediscover joy!



  • I currently offer individual coaching sessions to help you supercharge your results with personalized care and attention.




What Coaching with me is Not: 


It is NOT therapy. While I bring my knowledge, education and experience as a therapist, I am not providing therapy.  If needed I will help you get referred to a therapist. 



You are already so busy. How will you have time for this? 


  • My system is specifically designed with busy professionals in mind.
  • We will zero in, get laser -focused and help you start living your burnout-proof, joyful life.
  • You'll practice most of the tools you learn as you go throughout your day, and we'll optimize your time and energy 


I am so excited to work with you! 





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