Get the 4 SIMPLE tools


moms need


when those moments of

chaos hit! 

Does "having it all" often feel like total

chaos and overwhelm?

I can help you overcome the burnout, stress and guilt that gets in the way of the successful and JOYFUL life you deserve!


All while still being a great mom.

You love your career and love being a mom, but you want more joy and freedom in life.


My SIMPLE, proven system is the fastest way to get there.

If you are anything like most of the moms I talk to, you...


  • ​Feel like you've lost yourself.


    You feel disconnected from yourself, your strengths and your goals. You wouldn't trade your life for anything, but you miss being your own person. 

  • Feel serious Mom Guilt


    for all the things you are missing out on and that aren't getting done. You feel guilty about investing time, money or energy in yourself.

  • Are stressed and exhausted

    from being spread too thin. There already isn't enough of you to go around; how are you going to accomplish all of those goals and dreams?

  • Know there is more waiting for you in life

    but you don't have the extra time and energy to figure out how to make it happen. 

This is where I come in. 

I love helping moms transform from:


Feeling like you've lost yourself >>> to being the

best version of yourself! 


Overwhelmed >>> to calm and confident


Stressed >>> to centered, present and focused 


Feeling Mom Guilt >>> to pursuing your own dreams! 

(while still being a great mom!

Coaching with Michelle can help you:

  • Boost your CONFIDENCE so you can start making your dreams and goals a reality

  • Kick Mom Guilt to the curb so you can have fun again, and feel connection and JOY

  • Stay CALM in the chaos, even when the wheels are falling off all around you

  • Put yourself first (spoiler alert: it's not selfish!) and be your own best ally

Meet Your New Coach.

Hi, I'm Michelle Risser

I'm a licensed therapist and coach with over 15 years experience specializing in helping moms overcome the junk that gets in the way of living their best lives! 

  • I have a lot of hobbies.

    I play guitar, sing in a choir, paint, knit, sew and have run 7 half-marathons.

  • I love being a sports mom.

    You can find me at the softball field, ice skating rink or volleyball or basketball courts.

  • I'm obsessed with coffee.

    Cheap coffee, fancy coffee, ridiculous frothy lattes- I love it all. I start looking forward to my morning coffee the night before. 


    Dear Busy, Ambitious Mom, 


    As a professional mom myself, I too have felt overwhelmed. I've been filled with guilt when I had to choose between my daughter's softball game and the big conference I wanted to attend.


    I even got so burned out at one point that it led to depression and serious health problems. 


    I am a  mental health therapist and coach, I run two businesses, I'm a cancer survivor and I LOVE being a mom! Nowadays, I am calm and centered (most of the time- I AM human after all), feeling better than ever before and loving life


    What it finally took for me was learning tools that I could use DURING my busy life, not in spite of it. I didn't have hours to spend at yoga, or reading books, or sitting on my meditation cushion. I had to build it in, on the run. 


    I'd love to help you do the same. 







    What should you expect when we work together? 



    Give me 8 weeks, and I'll help you overcome mom guilt and overwhelm, step in to your strength and confidence and embrace JOY so you can dance in the rain, even when the chaos swirls around you!  


    We will meet online for live sessions and you'll receive helpful materials in between. You will also have daily access to me via the Voxer app (voice messages) or email to make sure you're on track. 


    I will also be offering a membership course and group, coming later in 2021. 



    What Coaching with me is Not: 


    It is NOT therapy. While I bring my knowledge, education and experience as a therapist, I am not providing therapy.  If needed I will help you get referred to a therapist. 



    You are already so busy. How will you have time for this? 


    My system is specifically designed with busy moms in mind. We will zero in, get laser -focused and help you start living your joyful life. You'll practice most of the tools you learn as you go throughout your day, no extra time required! . 


    I am so excited to work with you! 


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